Saturday, December 8, 2012


This girl....she's really something else.  On Thanksgiving weekend, she got the chance to shoot this awesome gun.

And has wanted one of her own ever since.  She even asked Santa for it.  THAT was a priceless moment.

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Katryn: A gun.
Santa: .....
Matt: Her uncle has a nerf gun, I think that's what she's talking about...

Poor Santa wasn't quite sure what to do with a 4 year old asking for a gun I think.

Also over Thanksgiving weekend, she got to help Grandma and Grandpa W. set up their Christmas stuff!  She loved that.  Even wore her Christmas colors!!

And of course, needed a hat to complete the ensemble, right?  While going through the Christmas boxes, she came across this decorative horn that was just calling out to her.  Maybe I have a little musician on my hands...

But really, the highlight of her Thanksgiving weekend was seeing her favorite Auntie Amber, and kinda-sorta-uncle Cameron (amber's boyfriend).  She loves spending time with them!

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ambermichelle said...

That's my Tryn girl :) love her to death.