Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday!

We have a four year old on our hands now.  It's kind of weird to think it's been FOUR years!  As Matt and I were going to bed the night before Katryn's birthday, we were reminiscing about when she was born.  About how I joked about if my water broke that night since we hadn't bought a carseat yet.  How it really DID break.  About how it snowed that day, the big fluffy flakes that just slowly fall to the ground.

We celebrated the day by taking her and Martin out to lunch to Carl's Jr.  We went specifically for the play area.  Which she didn't care much for.  Katryn has this fear (that's not quite the right word) of playgrounds.  She gets herself all worried about how hard it is, and how scary it is, how high the slides are.  But then if other kids are around she plays a lot better.  Matt only had to go rescue her twice, when she got suck trying to climb up into one of the tubes.

We then stopped by Grandma and Grandpa W's to open so presents, and drop off Martin for them to watch while we took Katryn to her FIRST movie in the theater.

She got some kid's yoga dvd's (to go with her yoga mat she got for Christmas).  Now she doesn't climb all over me when I do yoga!  it's a win in my book :)

And then she got some new fun games--Pigzup, and Bingory.  So far she likes them.  And we like having games we can all play together.

We then took her to the movie theater and watched Happy Feet Two in 3D.  She did better than we thought she would, but didn't want to keep her glasses on.  And the last 20 minutes got really antsy, and just wanted to leave.  It's not too surprising, considering she never just sits and watches movies at home, she's always playing, and running around, never sitting still.  Ever.

But she's 4.  And when I ask her about her birthday, she says she had a good time, so that's what counts!

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Ashley Pagnotta said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday! =)