Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week One of Preschool--Letter Aa, and Gardening!

What a first week we had!  Katryn loves school. . .for the most part.  I'm not quite sure what kind of expectation she had, but she often says she wants to 'do school' and when I give her one of the activities, she gets mad, claiming that it's not school.  Perhaps because the activities have been ones we've been pulling out for the last month when she wants something fun to do.

Anyway, here we are, done with the first week of school and halfway into the second!  The total time we spend actually sitting down doing things is probably 1 hour, spread through the whole day.  Not too intense for her, but it helps teach her to focus on sitting still.

Each morning we do our calender, talking about what today is, what yesterday was, and what tomorrow will bed.  What month it is, and how it's the 17th day of the month.  Then we sing our Letter on the Bus song, and the theme song for our preschool packs.

Most everything we did comes from our Gardening Preschool Pack, and The Letter Of The Week program from Confessions of a Homeschooler. (here's her link to letter A) The other random stuff I pulled from all over the internet.  I could probably find the source if you wanted it!

I now know what skills we need to work hard on with her--recognizing double digit numbers is the main one, and sounding out the starting letter for words. She's had no problem counting things out, matching colors, lower/upper case, sorting things, sequences, recognizes all upper and lower letter, can mostly say their phonetic sound, and even traces the letters great (need to still work on writing letters without something to follow).  Which makes me happy!!  And the reason that first picture is all in blue, is because blue is her favorite color.  No other color will do right now.

If she keeps going at the rate she's going, we'll be right on track to start PreK stuff after Christmas (which was my goal all along) And then we'll be set to start kindergarten next year!  Yay!

We're still trying to get into the groove of things, and once we get that figured out, we might start doing two letters a week.  We'll see how things go.

To go along with the activities this week, for our Family Home Evening, we talked about Faith, and how our faith grows strong and weak, like a plant.  We use this awesome resource (and plan to use the other half about the Brother of Jared next week).  Katryn enjoyed putting the leaves on the strong or week plant!


AJ said...

wow, are you ever impressive! She'll be reading by next summer if you can keep that up! Feel free to come up and teach one of my days of preschool. :) You're lessons will be much better than mine I think.

Jenni said...

Man, I wish we lived close then we could take turns teaching our kids together. Adam is learning the same stuff, but he just likes to draw and cut and paste - so we are not nearly as far a long in most skills as you are. Way to go, you are awesome!