Monday, March 15, 2010

my girl and her dogs

as matt always says "It had to be dogs. . .*sigh*". Yes, as if any other animal we would have picked would have been better.

Katryn loves her two dogs, and puts up with everything they do! It's amazing how good she is with them. I've seen and heard stories of others who have kids just terrified of animals in general. I don't think we'll ever have that problem. If anything, we'll have to be worried about her knowing the boundaries with the animals.

Like when she walks right up to the neighbors horse and pulls some grass up to feed it. yeah, I get a little worried when she does that.

This was a while ago, before the whole bedrest thing, and Moya ay nd since doubled in size (if not more) But Katryn was teasing her. In her hands she has some rubber ducks that Moya wanted to play with (but shouldn't because they're katryn's) and katryn would stick them through her legs and Moya would try to grab them. Katryn would shriek with laughter, Moya would get startled and let go. Repeat. again and again. insert some face licking.

And on a side note, Katryn needs to be in a yoga class or gymnastics. I mean, look at that position!! her feet are FLAT on the ground, and her knees are not bent. I can't remember the last time I could do that. . .or even IF I ever could.

And I don't know how on earth she got away with this. Indy is sooo not the dog that would allow this to happen. I think she was a bit distracted with trying to eat the bone and rub it in Moya's face that she has the bone, and making sure Moya didn't try to take it from her.

Either way, Katryn took advantage of the situation and just hopped on. Yeah, that's our girl!!