Friday, July 17, 2009

Swimming Time!

This girl is a water baby. She will sit in the tub until the water's freezing, her teeth are chattering, and her fingers and toes are raisins. And even then, we have to PULL her out.

We filled the swimming pool up at my parents house the other day and let her go to town. Man, she loved it. Especially climbing in and out. She doesn't step out like she should (and knows how to do, just thinks she needs a finger or something to hold onto)

She climbs out feet first, on her hands and knees. And she climbs back in that way too. It's pretty funny!

The plus about using cloth diapers, I can just put her in a diaper without an insert, and let her go!
What do you think of that tan line? Pretty impressive for her I thought. She loves being outside!

And we dubbed this "sleeping bag hair" specifically for grandpa. :) so I hope you're reading this!!

She was heartbroken when we made her get out. I felt bad, but it was getting close to bedtime.

A few weeks ago, we were able to go swimming at the local pool with our friends Yvonne and her son Mason. Even in the wading area, she would just start running around in the water, and face plant. Come up sputtering, and go at it again. This girl had no fear! It was impressive, but slightly frightening when she'd fall over when it was a little deeper, and try to crawl (underwater--since that's how she knows how to get up!) so I decided that super shallow (like 3-4 inches) was perfect. She could crawl and not inhale water. She still did. . .but that was totally on purpose. :)