Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Her best friend

Indy and Katryn are best friends. I think they share everything. And I mean everything. Like snacks, toys, blankets.

Especially the snacks. Katryn offers Indy everything she eats. She loves to peak over her highchair at Indy and then throw her food off to see Indy run after it. She laughs, and does it again. I wonder if she ever eats anything sometimes. Actually, if it's something she likes, she won't share. Only the food she doesn't LOVE.

Even when she's not in her chair, and is sitting on the floor with a snack, she offers it to Indy. Sometimes she gets upset after she offers Indy something, and Indy takes it when she was only offering it to be nice.

Offering Indy some of her dog food. Indy gladly accepts it, and I'm glad too because then Katryn isn't eating it herself!