Friday, September 11, 2009


If I can be so prideful, I think I have the cutest little girl ever. Well, besides my parents, because I'm sure I was pretty darling as well ;)

Here are some pictures of Katryn from when we got our family pictures taken a few weeks ago.

Uncle Glenn was coming after her in the picture, and she was loving it.

We had to go through construction barriers to get to the amphitheater, and who can't help but love the pink cloth diaper flashing?

Prepping her for the rock climbing she'll do later on in life

Spider baby, spider baby. . .

and yes, I know she still looks rather bald. . .but in reality, she has a fair amount of hair for a 20 month old, but it's pretty fine and light. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Swimming Time!

This girl is a water baby. She will sit in the tub until the water's freezing, her teeth are chattering, and her fingers and toes are raisins. And even then, we have to PULL her out.

We filled the swimming pool up at my parents house the other day and let her go to town. Man, she loved it. Especially climbing in and out. She doesn't step out like she should (and knows how to do, just thinks she needs a finger or something to hold onto)

She climbs out feet first, on her hands and knees. And she climbs back in that way too. It's pretty funny!

The plus about using cloth diapers, I can just put her in a diaper without an insert, and let her go!
What do you think of that tan line? Pretty impressive for her I thought. She loves being outside!

And we dubbed this "sleeping bag hair" specifically for grandpa. :) so I hope you're reading this!!

She was heartbroken when we made her get out. I felt bad, but it was getting close to bedtime.

A few weeks ago, we were able to go swimming at the local pool with our friends Yvonne and her son Mason. Even in the wading area, she would just start running around in the water, and face plant. Come up sputtering, and go at it again. This girl had no fear! It was impressive, but slightly frightening when she'd fall over when it was a little deeper, and try to crawl (underwater--since that's how she knows how to get up!) so I decided that super shallow (like 3-4 inches) was perfect. She could crawl and not inhale water. She still did. . .but that was totally on purpose. :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hair Day

I don't know where she gets this from. I swear, I'm hardly ever on the phone!! I really dislike the phone, and really only talk to my family. I don't know. . .But she walks around the house with matt's old phone (he got a watch-phone, it's pretty fancy) yelling into it, and holding it up to her face. It's pretty funny.

Her hair is also finally long enough to go into ponytails in the back! It's always been pretty good back there, she was a little friar tuck. after I put them in the other day, she decided she wanted the bow on her head. Not on the ponytails (she rips those ones out) but on the very top of her head. And she left it there for a few hours too. I was impressed, and she looked pretty funny too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Her best friend

Indy and Katryn are best friends. I think they share everything. And I mean everything. Like snacks, toys, blankets.

Especially the snacks. Katryn offers Indy everything she eats. She loves to peak over her highchair at Indy and then throw her food off to see Indy run after it. She laughs, and does it again. I wonder if she ever eats anything sometimes. Actually, if it's something she likes, she won't share. Only the food she doesn't LOVE.

Even when she's not in her chair, and is sitting on the floor with a snack, she offers it to Indy. Sometimes she gets upset after she offers Indy something, and Indy takes it when she was only offering it to be nice.

Offering Indy some of her dog food. Indy gladly accepts it, and I'm glad too because then Katryn isn't eating it herself!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Katryn is one. Holy cow! what happened to this past year? We threw her a party today, and we all had a blast. Like any other gathering that occurs with my family, there was loads of chaos. But it's always fun!

and like every type of gift-giving situation, she totally raked in the loot. I think she got more things for her birthday than she did for Christmas!! Spoiled li'l monkey! But like a good baby, she decided to let her cousins enjoy all the toys first. She's so good at sharing.

We even started the day off good, she woke up happy and playful, took two 1 1/2 hour naps during the day, and didn't cry while everyone was over! That was impressive considering we had about 15 adults, and about 10 kids running around our tiny little basement. But that's how I like things, full of chaos, where no-one will notice if you didn't mop your floor. Which I didn't. I thought about it though, and that counts for something in my book.

all in all, she had a good time I think. (she's sound asleep for that matter, and that counts!) not that she'll remember it, but I'll show her these pictures some day and embarrass the heck out of her. It'll be great!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Christmas was a hit for Katryn, she loved tearing (and eating) the wrapping paper. Contrary to what most people say about babies, she didn't care too much for the boxes. She just wanted us to put her gloves on her hands over and over again.

Now she brings us her socks and holds her hands out, waiting for us to put them on her hands. She's a silly child!
This toy is currently her favorite. She can't quite get the blocks onto the pegs yet, but she keeps trying, and stacks them up on the floor quite nicely! Smart baby!! (she gets that from me!)

The bubble wrap was also a hit. Couldn't make it pop (it would probably scare her if it did) but she drug it around the house with her all morning!

And here she is being a sheep in the Christmas Pagent at my parent's house. She had that act down!