Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Penguin Girl

For Katryn's first Halloween, we had big plans on dressing her up in this doggy costume, mostly because I'm a sucker for dogs, and this one looked a lot like Indy. We anticipated her crawling around the floor chasing after Indy. Ah, if only.

Turns out that costume was a big hit with other people as well. Was sold out every time I checked. All the other dog costumes just didn't strike my fancy, and I'm not talented enough to sew something! So I turned to this penguin costume.

I love penguins, they're my favorite animal. And she sure made a cute penguin. She'd wave her arms up and down, and it looked like she was flapping her wings. Loved it!

And our beautiful pumkins we carved at Grandma and Grandpa's pumpkin patch/halloween party. and ok, Matt carved the ghost that doesn't look like a ghost anymore. And I did the 2008. This way, when we look back at the pictures, we're not trying to guess what year it was taken. Granted this year wouldn't be too difficult.

One child. Hmmm, what year was that again?

And here's her with cousin Kyla, who was a bat. She's not wearing her ears at the moment. But she was cute!