Friday, September 26, 2008

8 months

yikes! where does the time go?! Katryn has been 8 months now for about a week. She loves it. But it's a bit like being 7 months.

She's got her two bottom teeth now, and loves to bit your finger, if you stick it close enough for her to grab and shove in her mouth. and boy, can that girl CHOMP! We've tried taking pictures of them, but she just won't have any of that. We've risked our fingers more than once, trying to push that tongue out of the way so we could see them. No luck, she just pushes her tongue right over them and laughs in our faces.

She likes to pretend she's a dinosaur when she eats. We go to stick a bite of food in her mouth and she growls at it and then chomps down on the spoon and won't let go. If she's not doing that, she's usually blowing bubbles in the food. I think she gets her table manners from her daddy. :)

She's rolling everywhere now, but has no desire to crawl. I'm sure we'll get there eventually. and then we'll have bruises all over her face because of the hardwood floors. So when you see her, I promise we didn't hit her! We're good parents!! She loves to roll after Indy and grab her ear or leg, and then laugh like crazy when Indy starts licking her hand or face. She loves that dog!

a few weeks ago, we were able to go visit her cousins for a birthday party, and we stuck in her this cute little chair.

She kind of kept sliding off of it though, leaning to try to eat the lamp. But she sure was cute in it! *sigh* and I know, we need to put bows on her head if we're going to dress her in gender neutral colors like red and white. She gets mistaken for a boy way too often.

Time is just flying by. . . just another 4 months and she'll be a year old! yikes!