Thursday, July 24, 2008

6 month pictures

here's some pictures of Katryn for her six month. We can't get her to hold still long enough to take a picture with matt's hand, like our tradition, but these are cute pictures anyway! and I'm sorry about the red-eyes in them, I'm too lazy to try to fix that right now :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

6 months!

Katryn was 6 months old yesterday. wow! and I don't have any pictures to put up here. I know, I need to clean off my camera. There's w-a-y too many pictures on there, and I don't want to go through them.

anyway, here's some milestones she's hit lately.

Rolling over. It's her new favorite thing to do! it seems that as soon as I put her on her stomach, she flips herself right over. She can't go from her back to her stomach yet. But she doesn't care, she'd rather play with her toes anyway.

Eating. She's such a good eater. We've given her rice cereal, oatmeal, and yams. she loves it all. Especially when I mix it with apple juice instead of water. she doesn't try to grab the spoon out of my hand, and keeps everything in her mouth pretty well too. She's not a messy eater! Yet.

Laughing. She loves to laugh, when we sneak up on her, or when matt and her sneak up on me. it's pretty easy to make her laugh, and she's such a smiley baby. As long as mom or dad's holding her.

Stranger danger! She knows when mom or dad's not holding her, and she's usually not very happy about it. I was making lunch yesterday at my sister's, and she picked her up off the floor because she was getting upset. Then she saw me across the room from her, and freaked out on my sister. she's a mamma's girl. I'm ok with that :)

sleeping through the night. She usually sleeps from about 9pm to 6am every night. except for the past few nights. We think those teeth are finally coming through! I mean, I know she doesn't need to eat at 12:30am, 2:30am, and 5:30am in one night!!

first cold. Currently she's in the throes of her first cold. as I'm typing, I can hear she stuffy nose breathing through the monitor on the nightstand next to me. it makes it hard for her to sleep, since she's a thumb sucker and can't really suck her thumb and breathe through her nose at the same time right now. poor girl.

scooting around. the few times she doesn't roll over right when i put her down on her stomach, she'll scoot herself forward for a little while. Usually only a few feet before she wears herself out, but it's a start towards crawling! of course when anyone else is around (read: her cousins) she's too busy staring in awe, wondering why she can't do those things to do much moving.

Babbling. Although i don't think she quite know what she's saying, she babbles a lot. Like "mamamamamamama" (at which point matt says "I guess she wants you!) as well as some other things.

easily distracted. She knows noises, and can spot where they're coming from. This makes it extremely difficult to nurse at times. when she'd rather make daddy smile at her than eat. But it's a good sign at the same time!

anyway, that's enough for now. I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow!