Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Picture time

Matt's cousin is getting married this weekend, and his mother is flying out there for the wedding. And by out there, I mean Florida. Doesn't that sound like a nice trip? Some place where it's warm and sunny, instead of cold and windy? We wish we could be there for it, but instead, we're giving her this blog address, and we'll show off pictures of Katryn.

Friday, April 18, 2008

3 Months old

Happy birthday to katryn! She was three months old on the 18th, and growing like crazy. Not that we weighed or measured her, but she's growing. I'm her mama, I know these things!

Anyway, I have pictures on the camera that I'll post later, I don't use Matt's computer very much, so I'm not sure where to save the pictures.

I've always been a little leery of putting a baby on a schedule. There's just too many variables involved that a set schedule doesn't seem right to me. And I used to think a routine was just another word for schedule. Wrong. A routine can be done at any time, it's just a pattern of events. Katryn is on a routine. FINALLY!! I can get things done around the house. The important stuff, like blogging, and reading blogs, or scrapbooking.

We've had a bedtime routine for a while now, and it's worked great for us. Some night are harder than others, but we stick to it. We go into the bathroom, where we lay her on her towel, turn on some music, give her her bath, then pj's, feeding, wrap up, rock a few minutes until she's almost asleep (or totally asleep, it depends on the night) while we're reading scriptures (if Matt's not closing) and put her down. It usually works pretty well, except for the nights it doesn't. We skip the whole bath part when Matt's closing, I'm a little hesitant to wash her alone, and I fear it would take too long and she'd get mad.

So we have a day routine. Sort of. She usually gets up around 8am and I feed her and change her, get her dressed (most days. . .sometimes she just stays in her pj's all day) and play for about an hour. By then she's usually getting sleepy/cranky (this is around 9:30-10am). So I wrap her in her blanket (she loves it, calms her right down, and she usually tries to shove her blanket-covered fist in her mouth) and put her down. She sleeps for about 1/2 hour, and then we start the whole process all over again.

My sister said it's rather normal to have short naps like that, at least her kids did, and that they'll eventually get longer. I hope so! 1/2 hour is enough time for me to run to the bathroom and eat, I can't get much else done.

We've also got her completely transitioned from her carseat to the pack'n'play! yay! One night she kept waking up when I put her down in the carseat, so I laid her down and she fell right asleep. She did wake up an extra 2 times to be fed, but I was kind of expecting that. Now we've got her taking naps in there, and sleeping from about 8/9pm till 4am in there. Next goal. . .breaking the swaddle. Maybe by the time she's 4 months old we'll have her in her crib in the other room. We'll see

Thursday, April 10, 2008

the land of exhaustion

Last night I decided to put Katryn to bed a little early. She hadn't taken any good naps (actually, she rarely takes good naps, she just dozes on and off all day long) and was getting cranky around 7pm. Since Matt was closing, we skipped bath time and went straight to feed and change. After all that, I had her in her baby straight jacket--I mean, in her swaddle, wrapped up in her blanket and sound asleep.

Ha! Yeah right. Within 10 minutes of me laying her down, she was awake. We kept this up for about 2 hours, until matt came home. I'd get her asleep, lay her down, 10 minutes later she'd be awake. I was getting ready to crack. I had hardly eaten all day because she wouldn't let me lay her down without crying, and now she wouldn't go to bed. Luckily Matt came home and could tell I was on the verge of collapse and took over. I fell asleep while Matt put her to bed.

He had about as much luck as I did. He woke me up around 12:30-1am because she was hungry and still awake. so I fed her and he collapsed. I thought that was funny, he was sooo tired, but he normally goes to bed that late without a problem. I guess it wears him out more taking care of a baby than playing games on the computer do :)

Anyway, finally at around 2am, she fell asleep. 7 hours after I had originally put her to bed. I couldn't believe it. then she was up and ready to go at 8am. wow. how can she be related to us? She must have Matt's sleep gene, because I'm a person who needs 9-10 hours of sleep a night to feel fully functional. I don't know how I made it through college.

Today, try as we might, she hardly napped again! Actually, she had a good morning nap, she fell asleep on me for about an hour (I know, that's not a really good morning nap, but for her, it's great) and about three or four 1/2 hour naps scattered throughout the afternoon.

Last night caught up with her though. She was exhausted and so ready for bed tonight. The poor girl was crying so hard she couldn't eat. Which usually puts her to sleep. We got her to take her pacifier and that calmed her down enough that we could finish dressing her (this was after bath time--we barely made it through before the meltdown) and get her swaddled up. After that, we wrapped her in her blanket, and we started rocking. I sang to her for a little bit, and within 10 minutes she was out.

Just to make sure though, we read scriptures and prayed while I held her, so she would get into a deep sleep. I put her in her bed (she's still sleeping in her carseat in the pack'n'play) and she stayed asleep. I got on her to start blogging, and matt got on the computer to play with his friends from work.

About 20 minutes later, matt must have got a good shot at someone, or something because he said something really loud, all excited. Katryn's eyes popped open and she started crying. And thus the whole process began again. matt's been warned though, if he wakes her up again, he's in charge of putting her back to sleep. He's been really quiet since then.