Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2 months old

We had Katryn's two month appointment last week and it all went very well. Except for the 5 shots in the leg, something like that is never well.

The best news from the appointment was her hip-displacement is corrected and she no longer needs to wear two diapers! yay! We were thrilled to find that out.

As for her stats, she's growing! Her head circumference is 38.1 cm, (38%-tile) she weighs 9 lbs 15 oz (27%-tile) and she's 22 inches long (42%-tile) . Our little girl is growing up so fast! She was so happy for the doctor; smiling at her and cooing. It was fantastic.

Then came the dreaded shots. That was horrible. I'm so glad Matt was there. It was the saddest thing I've seen. Her eyes clenched tight and her mouth opened wide. Her face got bright red and her cheeks and lower lip were quaking. Then she let out a wail. It was really hard for all three of us, since Katryn has never been much of a crier. she did calm down quickly and was pretty good the rest of the day. Such a li'l trooper.

My parents have been watching my oldest sister's two kids, while they're on a vacation in Hawaii. (lucky ducks) Katryn and I have been spending lots of time over there. THe only problem with that is she hasn't been getting consistent naps and we've had to endure a few melt-downs because she's so tired. These usually occur when I try to start feeding her. It becomes a "suck-suck-scream" pattern. Well, screams is probably the wrong word. more of a wail. Either way, it's pretty rough for us. We just have to wrap her up and walk her around to calm her down, and then she just passes right out.

She's also becoming very strong. We can hardly lean her against our chest to burp her, she's to interested in looking around at everything going on. She twists her head to look at us and all over. We've started to just face her out as often as possible, because she's always happy to just watch everything. She loves watching Indy move around.

It's hard to believe how fast she's growing! I've already had to pack up quite a few outfits that are too small for her. I just packed up the pj's we brought her home in. That was a little sad, because we really like those pj's! We don't have any that are nearly as soft at those. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

sleepy time

We're trying to transition katryn to her bassinet, so we can then transition her to her crib. Currently she sleeps in her carseat. we swaddle her up all tight, she loves that, and then put a blanket under her and rock her until she's almost asleep then put her in her carseat, which is in the pack'n'play next to our bed. She fusses for a moment so we give her a pacifier and that calms her right now and sends her to sleep.

But we can't have her in the carseat forever! and it actually really bothers me that she sleeps in her carseat. I haven't figured out why, but it bugs me. and she only sleeps in it at night time. During the day, she naps on our bed, sometimes in her pack'n'play, but usually on our bed.

last night we had bath time at 9pm. At about 10pm, she was fed, swaddled, and mostly asleep in my arms, so I laid her in the pack'n'play on her blanket I had her wrapped in. I'm a little paranoid about SIDS, so I made sure to unwrap the upper half of her body and smooth the blanket down flat so as she moves her head she doesn't get a face full of blanket.

by the time 11:30 rolled around, she was still awake. We'd take turns sitting there, holding the pacifier in her mouth while she fell asleep. But as soon as we moved and it fell out her mouth she'd wake up. It didn't matter how long she'd been asleep for either! finally, Matt picked her up and put her in her carseat and she was completely out within 5 minutes, no pacifier, nothing, just laying there next to matt as he played mario.

Another frustrating thing about that, is she's been sleeping until 5am every night like that, but last night she was up at 3:30am, then 7am, after which she slept on me until about 9:30am. When I put her back to bed after she ate the first time, I left her out of her swaddle, since I take it off to feed her. She fell right back to sleep when I put her in the carseat, but she made more noises during the night than she usually does. maybe because she had more freedom than she normally does at night? I'm not sure.

She was pretty asleep when we took her in for her bath. we laid her on the mat to change her and she was sound asleep and just laid there. I think that's a sign she needs a earlier bedtime. but we've been working on that. Every week we bump her bedtime up 1/2 an hour. We've only been doing this for 2-3 weeks, but starting tomorrow we'll be doing bathtime at 8:30pm. We'll do that for a week, then next sunday we'll switch to 8pm, then 7:30 and I think we'll probably stick with that time.

We're also trying to wake her up at the same time everyday. Currently, it's 10am, since she doesn't fall asleep until about 11:30, but as we move her bedtime up, we'll start waking her up a bit earlier too. by the end of it, she'll be waking up at 8:30. Or at least that's the plan. . .

Then she'll be on somewhat of a schedule and hopefully that will work. We still have the problem of transitioning her to the pack'n'play. We're trying to get her to take naps in there, and we'll keep putting her to bed in there and hopefully she'll get it figured out!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blessing Day

We blessed Katryn yesterday at church and it was wonderful! Matt was so nervous, he got up early that morning and went to the 9am sacrament meeting, to kind of help him along the spiritual lines. It was a beautiful blessing, he did such a great job. He told me he stood up and everything went out of his head. but that's ok, it was great. My favorite line was when he blessed her that she would find a 'very worthy young man' to marry. I loved the 'very worthy' part of it. Not just a worthy man, she would find a very worthy young man. I love it!

We took some pictures, but it was cold outside for a bit, and then she was hungry and didn't want to sit for pictures. But here's some of them. :)
my mom made the dress, isn't it beautiful? You can't really see the detail, and you can't see her cute shoes, but we're going to put her in the dress later this week and take more pictures and pretend they were taken on her blessing day. Is that cheating?

This is us after church, it was really cold and windy, so we were really, really quick. Which was sad, because I wanted some of her laying on her blanket. It's probably better this way, because there was deer poop all over the lawn and they had recently aerated the lawn.

This is a 4 generation picture of my Grandma, her daughter (my mom), her daughter (me) and my daughter, Katryn. I think she's the 9th great-grandchild.

And how can you not love this picture?? it's so stinkin' cute! I'm actually not sure if she's yawning or getting prepared to let out a yell. probably both, she tends to do that. It's interesting at least, you're expecting a nice sleepy yawn, and it ends in a yell. But that's Katryn for you! likes to keep us on our toes.