Tuesday, January 29, 2008

curse of the hiccups

Katryn gets the hiccups all the time. I shouldn't be too surprised by this though. In the womb she got them about 4 times a day. But I just feel so bad for her! they're so strong and just shake her little body! She lays there in my arms just looking at me in almost a confused, awed look on her face, wondering what on earth these things are, and why they're taking over her body.

I don't blame her. Matt's a person who when he gets hiccups, it's one hiccup and he's done. He's always been that way. Except for a few months ago, he got a whole lot of them (finally) and he had the same reaction Katryn has: complete shock at what was happening.

Sometimes though, I like that she gets the hiccups. I know when they're going to come too. I nurse her on one side for about 5-10 minutes (until she falls off/falls asleep) then to wake her up again, I burp her and lay her down to change her. The changing is enough in itself to wake her up, and then the hiccups start. Those definitely wake her up. so I hold her until the hiccups are gone, and nurse on the other side. I like that they wake her up enough to eat!! But I feel bad for her too, because they can't be fun.

Her and Matt play a game together when she gets the hiccups and he's got her. He tries to guess when the next hiccup will come, and fake hiccups with her. It's pretty funny to watch them. I think it may even help get rid of them someday! once she has a better idea of what's going on.

on another note:
Sleep has been completely off whack lately. Katryn doesn't sleep at night! She really does just stay awake from like 10pm until 5am or so. maybe with little snoozes here and there, but not enough that we're able to get any sleep, that's the problem. Then, around 6-7am, Matt gets up with her and goes into the other room, and they both fall asleep, and she'll sleep until around 11am, without any noises, in her carseat just fine. I don't understand it.

We know she likes to sleep in her carseat, because it cradles her like she's being held. So we use it a lot to try to help her sleep at night, and then matt can rock it--we just set it in the pack'n'play and she can go to sleep. hasn't worked very well the past few nights.

Here's what we're trying now: to keep her awake as much as possible during the day---today is the first time we're working on that, well, that I'm working on it. matt had to go back to work today. So far so good. she went to sleep around 8am, and stayed asleep until around 11:30am, then we did our feeding routine and she stayed awake until about now--2pm. that's pretty good. I'm going to to try to wake her up around 4pm and keep her awake for a few hours. we'll see how this goes. Maybe i can just give her the hiccups! that'll wake her up.

Friday, January 25, 2008

One week old!

I can't believe Katryn is one week old today! it just boggles me that we've been together for a week! Time is already flying. Before I know it, she'll be crawling, and then walking, and then driving!! ahh!!

To commemorate her first week, we took some pictures of her. But first, let me post a picture from her first day of life:for comparison, we took a picture like that, to show how she's already grown in the first week:She is a little jaundice still, we're working on that. and I guess it doesn't even look like she's grown that much, but just holding her I can tell she's already bigger. When she was born she weighed 6 lbs 8oz, and was 19in long. When we brought her home from the hospital, she weighed 2oz less. Not that that's a lot though. Such a small little girl! But she was 3 weeks early, so if she had come at full term, she would have been a lot bigger.

after spending just a day and 1/2 at the hospital, we brought her home with us. We had to borrow a carseat from Matt's brother, because ours hadn't come yet!! It came a few days later. . .thank heavens. I had a hard time at the hospital. The day nurse wasn't very good, or friendly, and I just wanted to get out of there. They were too concerned with keep track of how often she ate, and pooped, and peed. It was all about keeping records of everything! It wasn't a matter of following my instincts with her, it was a matter of charts. it was frustrating. And the nurse would 'try' to help me feed her, by squishing her face into my breast and man-handling her to try to get her to latch on. And if she didn't really suckle, she'd make me supplement with a bottle, or a syringe (while Katryn was attached to my breast). And if she didn't eat for at least 10 minutes on each side, well, I was a horrible nurser and she needed a bottle. After having her home for a week, we've more or less got it figured out. She doesn't eat that much. It's taken her a little while to get it. Her latch-on is great, she's got that down just fine. I think she just didn't need that much right when she was born.

Now, a week later she does need that much. But I learned that she has to wake up fully to be able to eat more than a few swallows, otherwise she falls back asleep. Then a vicious cycle starts--she's too sleepy to eat much, because she doesn't eat, she just gets sleepier and will eat even less. I was freaking out the first few days, because she would sleep for about 5 hours without waking, easily! I'd try to wake her up every 3 hours to feed her, and she'd hardly eat anything. I thought she was going to starve to death.

I talked to my sisters and my mother. They each told me stories about how each kid is different and some of their kids ate like crazy, others didn't. I stopped trying to feed her for a full ten minutes on each side, and instead feed her only on one side. Still, Katryn would hardly eat! Finally I realized that she needed to be fully woken up to eat.

She tends to wake up when she's laying flat on her back, so I do that. I lay her down, and wake her up. Then feed on one side. Burp her, and changer her (because by this point, she's filled her drawers!) and that wakes her up some more! then I can feed her on the other side.

So feeding has been quite the learning experience for us. But I think we've got it figure out. It does take a long time to go through the whole process though. A good hour at least. It's a good thing we're not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

on another note--Katryn has some beautiful dark hair. So pretty, I couldn't believe she had all that hair. but at the same time, not too surprised because both matt and I have dark hair. The hospital glued little bows on her head, and she looks so adorable with them!

She's also a very content little girl. Hardly cries at all. And I mean that! I think the longest she's cried has been about 30sec! Maybe less. And that's usually only when we change her diaper. Not sure why, we warm the wipes in our hands before we use them, because who wants something cold and wet on their bum? I don't blame her. I think part of the reason she doesn't cry is because I try to anticipate her before we get to that point. I watch for the signs that she's getting hungry, or is still hungry, or not comfortable, etc. etc. So far it's worked great. Matt's even learned to read the signs of hunger, so he can pass her off to me.

Overall, this week has been a light emotional roller coaster. I would get so frustrated when she'd just thrash her head instead of eating, and want to cry. A few nights when she doesn't want to sleep alone (actually she never wants to sleep alone--prefers to be cuddled) and I have to sit in the chair will her. Or with every noise she makes I want to pick her up and just hold her.

But we're both so happy she's here. Matt calls her his little lady. This was the first baby he's ever held, and he's so precious with her. We're so excited and happy to be parents. There really is nothing as fulfilling as it's even been so far. It will be a great journey to share.

Welcome to the world Katryn Llewellyn, this was a summery of your first week of life.


This is Katryn Girl's blog. This is where I will only post stories and picture of her! And then give it to her as a gift someday. . .or at least that's the plan. I will, of course, still post things about her on my own blog, but that blog will have other things as well.

enjoy reading about our first little girl and her achievements!!